R.M.S. – Remote Maintenance System

Remote Maintenance System, an entire installed base of check scanners under your full control, right from your desktop!

How can you verify that all your check scanners are functioning correctly in the field? How can you effectively monitor their MICR and Image quality?

With bancor R.M.S. you have one solution to optimize your total cost of ownership (TCO) of check scanner and reach the maximum productivity for your users.

bancor R.M.S. is a complete software system that allows you to keep under control the hardware deployment and to receive on-line MICR and OCR decoding statistics and image quality feedback from every check scanner.

Using a simple web access you can verify the status of any check scanner or query the database for any historical statistic.

With bancor R.M.S. you can fix most of the problems before they really affect the user.

An automatic email system informs you which scanners should be replaced or which users might need additional training.


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