B03 – Ozone sanitization system

Ozone generation
BO3 is an innovative sanitization product, which can be used independently, which exploits the high disinfectant power of Ozone.
Ozone is a natural gas composed of three oxygen atoms (O3) which, due to its composition, is unstable decaying over time and returns to being simple oxygen.
Ozone generation occurs through the “Corona Effect”, which through small electrical discharges creates the breakdown of the oxygen present in the air generating Ozone.
Ozone has the advantage of being a gas with high oxidizing power, making it suitable for all sanitation processes, in fact, even with low concentrations (0.2PPM = 0.4 mg / m3) and a relatively long exposure time reduced (20min), it allows a sanitization of everything that comes into contact with it from the air to the surfaces, eliminating any type of virus and bacterium.
BO3 system
BO3 is a modular system that allows the connection of multiple Ozone generating units with special sensors interconnected with each other via Wi-Fi
Sensors have two main functions:
• remotely monitor the concentration of Ozone;
• through a powerful ventilation system (230 m3 / h) to ensure effective air recirculation within the environment to be sanitized
The BO3 system is the first and only one to be controlled in complete autonomy through an app on a smartphone that allows it to be programmed with cycles of sanitization at will, for example every day, thus allowing regular sanitization and considerably reducing the risk of exposure to infectious elements.
Other intrinsic advantages of the system are:
1. Monitoring of concentrations i O3 in the air;
2. Monitoring of device status;
3. Detailed reporting of the entire sanitation process.


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