Lector K2s Family

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Lector K2s Family is born in 2001 and wants to be a revolutionary and multifunctional solution, designed to semplify and rationalize work both at the front and at back office, allowing the processing of any kind of document.

The high performances of the family’s products allow:

  • a complete managing of the Portfolio
  • a complete document management
  • protocollation of any inbound document.

Thanks to its extremely reduced dimension, Lector K2s Family allows a practical rationalization of your work station and manages any kind of document on both sides (front and back), starting from A9 format (cm 3,71×5,25 – in 1,46’x2,06’ ) up to A4/Letter (cm 21×29,7 – in 8,5×11).

Lector K2s it able to scan and decode all the images and the data even on rigid documents as ID cards, driving licenses, plastic-coated cards, cheques and any other documents you need to process, mark, decode and archive.

Thanks to the drastic reduction of manual work, Lector K2s grants remarkable savings in terms of costs and working time, allowing you to have fast return on investments: the process terminates immediately at the passage of the document in the Lector K2s, without wastes of time and without the need to repeat the operation for the back side.

Lector K2s Family include a variety of functionalities as:

  • Magnetic badge reader;
  • One/two smart card reader/writer;
  • External Pin Pad;
  • RFID module;
  • Printer Module.

By using Lector K2s Family, you have a solution that includes a great variety of functionalities that are usually split into different solutions on your desk. Lector K2s Family allows you to save great space.


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