Lector K2s ADF

bancor Lector K2s ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) is the solution which enhances the family and allows a vast scalability, making it possible to speed up document and cheque capture operations. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to reduce processing times and waiting times for the customer, thereby allowing faster and more efficient performance of processing operations.

Strategic advantages

  • Excellent image quality: thanks to its optical modules, it allows an excellent image quality, all to guarantee perfect data legibility, even when the documents being processed are extremely worn.
  • Leading edge MICR reader: thanks to the extensive know-how of our R&D department, Lector K2s have the best decoders currently available on the market; thanks partly to its high-level performance in the OCR functions, the speed of reading and deposit processes has increased considerably. All transactions are completed with a security higher than normal market standards, allowing your organisation to offer a high-performance service to your customers in full compliance with the most stringent cutting requirements.
  • Version compatibility: thanks to the bancor strategy, Lector K2s is entirely compatible and consistent with the previous units installed, in terms of both software and hardware.
  • Automatic Document Feeder (ADF): thanks to the additional module for automatic feeding of several documents, Lector k2s ADF allows greater scalability in the family of solutions, allowing up to 20 dpm, a volume required for both front office and back office operations.Advanced Multifunctionality: the reader may be expanded with all the functions of the Lector K2s family, inserting a 3-trace badge reader, Smart Card reader/writer (up to two slots), RFID Module and printer for registration.


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