21 July 2021

bancor has been qualified as an “Upwind” firm

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It’s with great honor that today we attended theexclusive “Controvento” event, organized by Nomisma and Cribis, who analyzed a group of companies representing about 70% of the Italian manufacturing sector and identify those that responded in a particularly effective way to the growing competitive challenges and which have achieved extraordinary results over the last few years, against the odds and despite the crisis, thus going “against the wind”.

The speakers, including the Italian Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi and the Vice President of Confindustria Maurizio Marchesini, recalled the levers for the companies that, like bancor, has been selected as “Controvento Companies”:
✅ Investments in innovation
✅ Investments in its human resources, especially training
✅ Investments in company organization
ESG investments, for corporate sustainability
✅ Offer quality
✅ Network reliability

Hoping to be an example for other companies with the aim of spreading global growth to the entire Italian manufacturing sector, as hoped by all the speakers, we thank all the bancor team who, with tenacity, commitment and sacrifice, have never stopped fighting to bring home these results.

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