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Key points

  • Partner: technology company operating into the hotel sector
  • Final clients: Spanish Hotels
  • International project
  • Fast & Secure management of the guest registration process
  • Travel Experience optimization
  • Management of a wide range of identity documents and into different formats
  • Smart workstations
  • Compactness and reliability of the bancor solution
  • Compliance with anti-COVID regulations


One of the historical partner of bancor is a Spanish company operating in the hotel sector which aims to automate and gain efficency in the Front Office operations of its customers, streamlining all document registration activities of guests at check-in, to maximize their Travel Experience and avoid wasting precious time with “boring” bureaucratic activities.

The solution researched had to be able to independently manage a wide range of documents and in different formats (rigid, paper, thick, from different countries of the world, etc.): identity documents, passports, residence permits, driving licenses, check-in moduls, documents in A4 format, etc.

Our parnter has always tried to be constantly at the service of its customers, even in the most difficult moments. In particular, even during the period of the COVD-19 pandemic, they took action to support hotels with the aim of allowing them to manage their activities in maximum safety and in compliance with the COVID-19 legislation.


bancor and its partner, over the years, have given to Spanish hotels an efficient and effective solution that, in less than 1 second, is able to:

  • scan all types of identity documents and in the various releasing formats of the various countries of the world (rigid, paper, thick, etc.), up to A4 format;
  • scan documents instantly on both sides, front / back;
  • capture the data contained into the document;
  • identify the photo and the signature of the identity documents;
  • check the information of the documents on the receptionist’s computer;
  • enter the data into the administrative systems of the hotels;
  • communicate the data to the competent authorities.

This solution has been also particularly usefull during the COVID-19 period (during which bancor continued to provide support to its customers by making the required lectors available in a short time and despite the operational and organizational difficulties caused by the pandemic), because it allowed to:

  • eliminate contacts and exchanges of documents between hotel customers and receptionists;
  • enter documents autonomously into the console by the client and view customer data into the PC by the receptionist.
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