Front Office dematerialization for the Italian Post Office







Key points

  • Partner: well-known Italian company operating in the information technology sector
  • Final Client: Italian Post
  • Order for large quantities (+30.000 devices)
  • Coverage of a huge territory
  • Front Office processes digitization
  • User Experience optimization
  • Smart workstations: technologically advanced cash desks, fast, effective and with a sophisticated design
  • Scanner of post bulletins and checks


Poste Italiane, since some years has started a dematerialization program, in order to manage post bulletins. Poste Italiane has defined the technical characteristics of equipments through an international invitation to tender for the supply of n. 30.000 readers scanner of post bulletins and checks


The scanner chosen by Poste Italiane, is Orion model that have demonstrated high-quality performance and reliability for use, overcoming the different steps of quality control.
Orion reader scanner is indeed a response to the needs of advanced optimization and simplification of the processing of documents of different formats, from A6 to post bulletin and booklet post.
Technical and innovative solutions of model Orion meet the needs introduced by the image processing of checks and documents and ensure provide functionality and performance at the highest level.
Orion incorporates an inkjet printer which prints on documents processed both text and graphics till ½ inch to meet customers needs.
Ergonomic and easy to use, Orion reader provides an high quality image thanks to its last generation scanner at 300 DPI, combined with the benefits of very high performance flexibility.
Its automatic document feeder allows end users ease of use.

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