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The only constant in life is change


bancor supports its customers by offering them a strategic consultancy service to help them in managing change in all its phases: always beginning from a phase of active listening to its client’s needs, it offers support at all levels of the Organization, from Top Management to Operations, to define and implement adequate strategies and solutions with the aim of making its clients business more efficient.

Change Management Phases

1 • Thinking

Support to board management to design the future of the companies and their offer:

  • Business Plan
  • Market analysis
  • Analysis of the socio-economic and regulatory context
  • Competitors analysis
  • Identification and positioning of the product / service
  • Commercial and marketing strategies
  • Pricing
  • Target technological architecture
  • Business organization and human resources
  • etc

2 • Implementing

Support into the implementation phase of the change in all company areas involved:

  • Project Management
  • IT
  • Organization
  • Operations
  • Commercial/Marketing
  • Back and Front Office
  • etc

3 • Monitoring

Support into the change control phase and measurement of its benefits:

  • Change Management
  • KPI
  • etc

4 • Training

Support into the implementation of cultural change within the company:

  • Training classrooms
  • Individual Coaching
  • Learning by doing
  • Gamification
  • and much more

Office Automation

bancorsolutions are able to support anyone who needs:

  • automate and optimize the administrative activities relating to the management of a wide range of documents
  • digitize their archives
  • manage / read data contained in the documents in an efficient and effective manner

Highlights of bancor solutions for Office Automation

Benefits for customers

  • Process efficiency by reducing manual activities with low added value
  • Reduction of the margin of errors
  • Time and cost savings
  • Greater efficiency and operational effectiveness
  • Smart workstations
  • Ab-horigine digitization
  • Quick return on investment

Distinctive bancor elements

  • Quality, reliability and user friendly
  • Compactness and lightness
  • High image quality & scanning speed
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Software scalability and compatibility with all operating systems
  • Advanced OCR engine
  • Reduced consumptions
  • 100% made in Italy

Managed documents

  • Any type of document, flexible or rigid, for example:
  • Checks
  • Credit cards, debit cards, microcip cards, badge cards, etc.
  • Postal Bulletins, MAV, F24, etc.
  • Lotteries
  • Identity documents, passports, etc.
  • Meal vouchers, gift cards, etc.
  • etc

Markets of interest

  • Financial Institution
  • Public Administration
  • OEM
  • Retail
  • GDO
  • Service Centers
  • Access Management
  • etc

Cash Management

bancor solutions are able to support anyone who needs to effectively manage various volumes of cash.

Main problems of managing high volumes of cash

Regulatory framework

  • Central Banks require cash handlers to do the following pre-circulation checks:
    • Authenticity checks: to identify suspected fakes
    • Fitness checks: to ensure that the conservation status is of a good quality level
  • Central Banks have regulatory and control powers, including inspection ones, over cash handlers, as well as sanctions for cases of non-compliance with the obligations established by law
  • The operation of the devices used to do the checks must be verified by a Central Bank
  • The final decision on the authenticity of the banknotes is up to NCBs, the devices can only identify a “suspected fake”


  • High volumes of cash mean more difficulties in counting the amounts
  • The use of special devicies decreases the margin of accounting errors

Physical management

  • The cash is put into circulation by the Central Banks through the CIT which must therefore manage it at 360 degrees (authenticity & suitability, counting, security, etc.)
  • Depending on the needs, the cash must be separated (or for different denominations, or for the verification of authenticity vs fakes, etc) and, possibly, bunded
  • High volumes of cash also require the storage of the same in safety through strongbox that can also be “smart”