The only vital value of a company is the experience, skills, innovation and knowledge of its employees.

– Leif Edvinsson

Paola Piazza

Head of R&D & Project Manager

Mind and heart of bancor products for more than 20 years, Paola and her team have created solutions that meet high quality standards thanks to her academic and professional training: firstly she graduated with honors in Electronic Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, then she developed management skills thanks to the attendance of an MBA at the MIP. Professionally she collaborated as a Project Manager for an important project for the Royal Australian Navy and later with her father, creator of products able to revolutionize the reference markets.

Simone Piazza

CEO & Head of Sales

After graduating with honors in Aerospace Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, Simone decided to complete his professional training by acquiring business management skills through an MBA at the MIP, Business School of the Politecnico di Milano. He started his professional career at an american multinational company leader in business consulting, then he decided to follow his father’s steps reorganizing the family firm following the most innovative managerial logic and creating various new international commercial channels.

Anna Piazza

Head of Marketing & Communications

Graduated with honors in International Economics and Finance at the Università Cattolica di Milano, she then finalized her high-level training through an MBA at MIP Politecnico di Milano. She started her professional career at an american investment bank, and then she entered, through a McKinsey’s spin-off, into the world of strategic-management consulting through which she specialized in the various disciplines of the Financial Institutions. She joined bancor in 2020 to put her skills available to the company.

Stefano Capelli

Software & Firmware Designer

“bancor offers me an ideal dimension to deal with projects in the software and firmware field, often with hardware integrations, exposing me to a range of concepts, languages, and technologies that have made everyday activity rewarding. Within the R&D team we operate with great dynamism, and the company speaks inside and outside with the agile language of a startup

Francesco Minuti

Product Engineer & Designer

“bancor to me represents a company that is able to spread the principle of Quality in its staff; it is therefore already halfway through the production of Quality products. The Quality of people who share common goals, methodology, experience, sense of team and membership, become a single thing once creating products and services to meet the customer’s needs, earning their trust and esteem

Andrea Zanoletti

Software Specialist & Technical Assistance

In bancor I found a concentration of skills, talent and creativity that, with an agile and dynamic team and a decades-long business tradition, manages to provide customized solutions to customers in every part of the planet. All this, without losing the authenticity and values linked to the family dimension (typically Italian) of the company itself

Andrea Biaggi

Italian Sales & Technical Assistance

In bancor I found a company that has always believed in my skills for many years and has allowed me to grow professionally, making me feeling part of a big family

Hamza Ayed

International Sales Director

“bancor to me represents the pride of a “small” Italian excellence, able to measure itself on the stage of international markets. A reality made up of competent and careful people, who collaborate daily to design technological products starting from the real and specific needs of customers all over the world

Antonio Boccalatte

Administration & Supply Chain Manager

Loving what you do is the only way to do a great job and in bancor you can breathe this feeling. This is the key of the success that distinguishes the bancor team”

Fabrizio Galli

Logistics & Quality Controller

I have been part of the bancor team since the 80s and I’ve always seen it perceived as a reference in the field of Office Automation, providing cutting-edge products to all the main Italian and foreign financial institutions and adapting them over time to market needs. This is thanks to the tenacity and foresight of those who have leaded it and the contribution of the operators who have succeeded each other over time

Sabrina Jebali

Secretary Office

“bancor to me represents an historic company that has been able to take innovative actions, allowing to always be efficient and competitive on the market, both national and international, while maintaining its traditional values

Marco Colombo

Production & Operations Maintenance

“bancor to me represents a modern company that enhances skills and human relationships; in a dynamic context it adapts itself to customer needs with quality standards and accuracy

Mauro Mazza

Self-Service Product Specialist

As it is natural, to me bancor represents a “family”: it was my first real insertion into the work’s world and in a small reality the working environment in which you go to “train” as a worker is very important and I can confirm that “the bancorenvironment” has always been friendly, helpful and never intrusive

Lucas Tallone

Desktop Product Specialist

“bancor to me represents a fixed point, both on a personal and work level. There are many components that have a huge knowledge and skills, able to cooperate both in Italy and worldwide, with countries of various prominent such as Brazil

Maurizio Gennai

Product Specialist

For me, the collaboration with bancor represents an opportunity that gives us the possibility to create something solid and tangible. In bancor we well work because it is a close-knit team where everyone can contribute.

Debora Iozzi

Sales Account

bancor for me represents a company full of professionalism and affability. Being integrated into a team that knows how to enhance and promote everyone’s know-how is really stimulating, which is why I’m happy to be able to put my experience at the service of the team, to converge towards new successes. Ad maiora semper!”

Sonia Piazzini

Sales Account

“In bancor I found many competent and helpful people who welcomed me into the team and gave me the possibility of continuing to offer quality, reliable and sustainable solutions, in a solid company, which pay attention to the past but is strongly oriented to the future.”

Antonio Solazzo

Product Manager

“In bancor I found a dynamic, professional and human environment, which allows me to grow up professionally and be part of a team of passionate professionals who work together to achieve the growth objectives of its customers, enhancing the work of all the individual people who are part of this great family.”

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