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Our History


Foundation of E. Piazza & C.
Printing machinery


Fundation of bancor



  • Production of payment notices for deferred and installment payments
  • Copying machine & LED printer for the insertion of the variable data necessary for the collection of security


Selesist 2500

  • Reader-sorters for checks and effects
  • First producer extra-USA
  • Double pockets compared to the market
  • Internal intelligence
  • Advanced software procedures



  • Know-How development to read the CMC7 on cheques
  • First into the market to develop sorters in Europe with integrated magnetic CMC7 reading, quickly gaining market leadership

In the 1980s, bancor gained 95% share of the Italian and Spanish market


Lector 52

  • Bank check reader
  • It reduced the activities for the presentation to the Clearing House
  • It acquired the code-line directly at the bank counter



Know-How development to read the OCR A/B on payment slips and following on MAV RAV, etc.


Lector K1

  • Very small station for bank counters, directly connected to the keyboard of the PC
  • It could read checks, credit cards, magnetic badges, etc.

During the early 90s, bancor was the first to introduce on the market various evolutions that will mark the history of the Front and Back Office processes of banks


Barcode 1D and 2D

Know-How development to read one-dimensional barcodes, which will be followed by the two-dimensional ones, to arrive finally at QR Code and Datamatrix


Lector K2

  • Extremely small scanner that digitizes and decodes documents, even rigid ones instantly on both sides
  • Operational efficiency: time reduction for practices management
  • First to introduce the A4 format to the counter


ID doc

Complete package for reading ICAO standard identity documents



  • First super compact device for self-service check deposit
  • Advanced intelligence inserted directly into ATMs and / or kiosks for an automated and electronic management of all types of documents



  • Complete package for reading the F24 forms for the payment of Italian taxes
  • First into the world to introduce into the market a software package that solves an extremely complex reading problem (open form, open font and with an extremely wide print seasonality)



New device to be inserted into the ATMs and kiosks which, in addition to automatically manage all documents, can also be opened to ensure complete inspection of the product

Orion Classic


bancor SEAC

SEAC Banche acquisition

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Today bancor’s abilities are recognized by various third parties, with national and international prestige, who chose bancor to give us different awards

Our values

bancor for sustainability

When we talk about corporate sustainability we refer to a new concept of entrepreneurial activity, according to which the ultimate goal of business activity cannot consist solely in maximizing profit (typically a short-term objective), but must be extended to the creation of value in the long term, to the advantage of all business interlocutors and the needs of future generations.

With the aim of being sustainable, bancor has adopted new operating models that allow it to generate value both in terms of social results for its network and in preserving the value of natural resources (positive impact on the environment).

All this translates into positive returns for the company itself and for its fair economic results: being green, in fact, pays off!

Among the main initiatives adopted by bancor for environmental sustainability we find:

  • The focus of its core business on dematerialisation, thus also supporting its customer network to evolve towards innovative and sustainable business logics
  • The self-production of 80% of electricity through the installation of a photovoltaic system at our HeadQuarter
  • The adoption of LPG cars with the aim of reducing C02 emissions
  • Registration at ecoR’it, consortium for the disposal of packaging
  • ISO 14001 Certification – adoption of an Environmental Management System
  • etc

To be able to never fail the satisfaction of its customers, bancor has chosen to certify its Quality Management System through the ISO 9001 certification, an internationally recognized standard (and accepted in most countries of the world), which certifies that the products and / or services of a particular company are created and supplied to its customers following certain standards, policies, processes.

Taking care of the environment in which we live and preventing our companies from causing negative impacts on the environment are two of the most important challenges for companies today. As evidence of its commitment in terms of sustainability, bancor has chosen to certify its Environmental Management System by adhering to the ISO 14001 standard, internationally recognized (and accepted in most countries of the world), which certifies the control and maintenance compliance with legislation and monitoring of environmental performance




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