Success cases

A small company able to reach great results

Front Office dematerialization for the Italian Post Office

  • High production capacity
  • Institutional Clients (Public Administration)
  • Front Office dematerialisation
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New ATM with check management

  • Partner world market leader in ATMs
  • Compactness of the reader
  • Inspection for optimal maintenance
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Bank Self-Service T.A.R.Ms

  • Market trend setter in Cash Management
  • Design of the first "Self-Service T.A.R.Ms"
  • Payment management (checks, bulletins, F24)
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Big Latin American Bank

  • High production capacity
  • Linux architecture
  • Compliance with Fe.Bra.Ban. standards
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Customization for International Integrator

  • Globally recognized partner
  • Management of the entire check process
  • Check deposit into the safe
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Hotel Access in Spain

  • Spanish Hotel Industry
  • Compliance with anti-COVID regulations
  • Travel Experience optimization
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Arab Ministry of Interior

  • Institutiona Clients (Public Administration)
  • 24 / 7 multifunctional self-service channel
  • Better Customer Satisfaction
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Italian Hospital Sector

  • Institutional client (Hospitals)
  • Documents management with abnormal thickness
  • Integration with the customer's management SW
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French Retail Bank

  • Management of a wide variety of documents
  • Branch operation efficiency
  • Better Client Experience
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Checks management into the Italian banking market

  • First moover for 64 and 80 pockets
  • Market leader in Italy
  • Better satisfaction of issuing banks
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