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Vaacum money counter for an effective verification of banknote bands.

  • Security increasing by eliminating the risk of incorrect banding banknotes
  • Time saving as it avoids the need to manually control the bands
  • Operating costs reduction
  • Manual errors reduction through the reliability of bancor solutions
  • Efficiency and operational effectiveness increasing by automating the banding phase
  • Fraud risk reduction thanks to automated band verification
  • And many others…

Financial Institution

Banks or other financial institutions that need more security in the banknotes banding

Service Centers

Who need more security in the banknotes banding


Anyone that need to band banknotes safely

  • Band quality control
  • Control of the number of banknotes present into the band
  • Speed: ≥ 2.8 s / 100 pcs
  • Dimensions: 27 x 40 × 27 (cm) – H x W x L


Dimensions and weight

  • Dimensions: 27 x 40 × 27 (cm)H x W x L
  • Weight: 21 kg

Banknote specifications

  • Min: 45 x 130 (mm)
  • Max: 100 x 240 (mm)


  • It controls that the bands contain the correct number of banknotes
  • Vacuum pump
  • High quality motor and vacuum pump are used to lower the noise and make a quiet working environment
  • Different counting pattern:
    • Add
    • Check
    • Batch
    • Count

Technical specifications

  • Counting speed: 2.8s/100 banknotes
  • Counting and accumulation mode counter display: 5 Digits LED Display
  • Display Batch: 3 Digits LED Display
  • Capacity: maximum 200 banknotes
  • Power ~220V/50Hz ,~110V/60Hz