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RS 40 is a desktop sorter from 6 to 24 pockets, for checks and other documents, designed to make them virtually jam-proof, and communicate with one another and with the base unit using no cables, via infrared light.

It capitalises on the superior quality of the SB 4000 range of back-office scanners, increasing the autofeeder capacity and providing pocket expansion in modules of six, each with the same footprint as the base unit. This new desktop reader sorter is equipped as standard with an Ultrasound doubles detector, ensuring maximum protection.

Depending upon processing requirements and document size, the device can achieve throughput rates of 200 documents per minute and above.

With a daily processing capacity of 10,000 to 20,000 documents, the RS 40 is ideal for cheque processing in regional clusters and clearing houses, as well as remittance and non-cheque applications (lottery tickets, gift coupons, meal vouchers etc.).

  • Optimization of checks, bills and other documents management processes
  • Processing times reduction
  • Operating costs reduction
  • Quick, safe and effective management of the codelines contained into the documents
  • Better relationship with issuing banks thanks to compliance with agreed deadlines
  • And many others…

Financial Institution

at branches, Treasury Offices, etc.

Service Centers

to whom the service of selecting checks is delegated


anyone who needs to separate checks or other documents

  • Desktop sorter for checks, bills, lottery tickets, gift vouchers, meal vouchers, etc.
  • ADF up to 500 documents
  • Ultrasound doubles detector
    From 6 to 24 pockets (capacity of about 200 documents)
  • Scan front and back images simultaneously
  • Speed: up to 12.000 documents/ hour
  • Document marking
  • High image quality
  • Dimensions: from 126 (6 pockets version) to 434 (24 pockets) x 40 x 40 (cm) H x W x D
  • Dimensions designed to facilitate the operators’ activities
  • Weight: from 26 kg (6 pockets version) to 86 kg (24 pockets version)




  • Standard speed 433 mm (17”)/sec
  • High speed 866 mm (34”)/sec

Dimensions & Weight

  • Length: 1020-2580 mm (40.2”-101.6” )
  • Width: 265 mm (10.4”)
  • Height: 240 mm (9.4”)

Main machine:

  • Dimension: 63x40x40h
  • Weight: 14 Kg


  • Dimension: 63x40x40h
  • Weight: 12 Kg

Managed documents

  • Checks
  • Bills
  • Lottery tickets
  • Gift coupons
  • Meal vouchers
  • etc

Document specifications

  • Width: 100 to 225 mm (3.94” to 8.86”)
  • Height: 52 to 108 mm (2.05” to 4.25”)
  • Weight: 70 to 140 g/sqm (18.7 to 37.3 lbs)


Image quality

Resolution is automatically optimized according to data decoding

  • RS40:
    • up to 3 images in one pass (front, rear, front with red dropout)
  • RS41:
    • front & rear images in one pass
    • 200×200 dpi or 100×100 dpi
  • Higher resolutions: 240 or 120 dpi available by reducing the track speed (MICR reading not supported)
  • 256 grey levels.
  • Image format: Tiff, Jpeg, Bmp, G4 (B/N)
  • Autocrop: automatic cropping
  • Auto deskew: automatic straightening
  • Rotation

Technical specifications

  • Transport speed:
    • Standard speed 433 mm (17”)/sec
    • High speed 866 mm (34”)/sec
  • MICR: Magnetic head reader
  • HW interface: USB 2.0
  • SW interface: TWAIN, bancor SDK-API
  • Operating Systems (32 & 64 bit): Windows® XP or upper


  • Rear Inkjet Printer
  • Front or Rear Stamp



Environmental sustainability

energy star