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bancor IQA is a cutting-edge solution to check ab-origine, through 16 sophisticated controls, image quality in real time and during the acquisition process, in order to facilitate correction when and where any image errors occur.

bancor IQA works in full compliance with the regulations of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Federal Reserve Bank and the main Central Banks regarding the digitization of check images.

  • High-quality image management
  • Security increasing of the activities related to the digitization of different documents (like, for example, checks etc)
  • Frauds reduction and increase security in case of any disputes
  • Positive return in terms of image towards customers, financial authorities, credit agencies, etc
  • Images management in a simplified and secure manner
  • Compling with the Central Banks regulations regarding the digitization of check images
  • Images quality control from origin, ensuring a quick return on investment by reducing costs
  • And many others…

Financial Institution

To verify quality images of the checks and / or other documents

Public Administration

Who use checks as a payment method or who wants to control the quality of captured images of other documents


Who wish to integrate their devices with the possibility of verifying the quality of the images captured


Any organization that needs to verify the quality of the images captured of each document, in particular bank checks

  • Execution of 16 sophisticated controls
  • Quality control in 1 second



Managed documents

  • Any document for which you want to carry out sophisticated controls on the quality of the captured image
  • Italian checks (controls requested by Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance)
  • USA checks (controls requested by the Federal Reserve Bank)
  • Brasilian checks (controls requested by COMPE)
  • Other checks with similar quality control requests

Main features of a dynamic software

  • Automatic control
  • Digitization of images
  • Possible visual control on the screen

Controls done

  • Image Dimension Mismatch below 8 mm
  • Front and Rear Corners bented
  • Front and Rear bented/ crease borders
  • Document Rotation not above 2 ° or 4°
  • Image Dimension Mismatch above 8 mm
  • Double document (returned by the scanner)
  • Image too Light
  • Image too Dark
  • Horizontal Streaks in the Image
  • Undersize Image
  • Oversize Image
  • Black boundary max 8mm
  • Front and Rear Image Dimension Mismatch below 8 mm
  • Minimum resolution compliance (>= 200 DPI)
  • Check capture mode (= 256 shades of gray)
  • Check compression (jpeg)

Note: The software can be easily customized, in accordance to any Central Bank needs, by selecting the controls requested


bancor IQA, through the verification of 16 sophisticated controls, guarantees high quality image management


bancor technologies can reach a reading accuracy of 99.99%

Operational efficiency

Thanks to bancor IQA it is possible to reduce controls times to few seconds: in fact, about 1 second is enough to read the checks

User friendly interface

The user who have to do the operation is equipped with a simple and user friendly interface, which allows him / her to control the data read by the software and, if necessary, correct them manually before confirming the payment


bancor IQA is a solution that can be integrated on:

  • any bancor hardware device


  • any compatible hardware presents into the market which meets the minimum requirements

Know-how and flexibility

Thanks to its flexibility and dynamism, bancor is able to develop any Software package based on customer needs: bancor’s wide Know-How is in fact available to listen to customers and develop specific applications for them