14 June 2024

New check-in for accommodation


Are you a hotel, a B&B or an accommodation? Make your life easier with the new automated check-in service!

By inserting a bancar scanner in your reception you will be able, in just one second, to have the data of your guests’ ID documents on your computer, ready for subsequent sending to Ross1000 (if necessary) and to the Portale Alloggiati, thus avoiding incurring in unpleasant financial penalties!

Increase your company security: the identity document is managed only in company systems and verified via RFID

Compliance with current legislation: automatic sending of data to Ross1000 and Portale Alloggiati

Increase operational efficiency: your guests’ data are available in just 1 second, eliminating tedious and risky data entry activities

Dramatically reduce manual errors: data is automatically extracted from the document

Reduce operational costs: eliminate time-consuming administrative check-in tasks

Increase your Client Satisfaction: reduction of waiting times for check-in activities

Available scanners:

International best practice: Hotel Access Spain