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bancor F24Easy is a latest generation OCR software that allows you to read and decode in an instant and automated way the data of the printed F24 forms, both standard and simplified, used in Italy for the payment of taxes.

The package bancor F24Easy was born from the collaboration with leading Italian financial institutions and from the use of extremely sophisticated software logics: reading the Italian F24 printed form implies extremely challenging difficulties as it is a single model that can be set with wide types of formats and fonts and infinite print qualities.

  • Better relationship of trust with customers by offering them a safe and cutting-edge service
  • Better Client Experience of customers who go to the operating points, by reducing waiting times
  • Tool to facilitate workers operations
  • Quickly, safely and effectively management of data contained into the Italian F24 form
  • Cost reduction of manual activities with low added value and high risk margin
  • Quickly return on investment by reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction
  • And many others…

Financial Institution

At bank branches, both in self-service mode or served by an operator

Public Administration

At public and private post offices


At tobacconists, etc


Any operator who wants to offer an effective and efficient service to their customers and improve their Client Experience in paying taxes through the F24 form

  • Package for processing open form, open font and “open printing quality” documents
  • Automatic recognition of Italian F24 forms, if standard or simplified
  • Module reading in 1 second
  • Automatic orientation 0 – 180 degrees
  • Tolerance of scale variations +/- 10% and graphic variations
  • Business logic to control the entered amounts
  • Fincatura removal



Managed documents

  • F24 form fot the payment of Italian taxes
  • Any document with the same characteristics

Main features of a dynamic software

  • Automatic recognition of F24 form, if standard or simplified
  • Data reading regardless of the direction in which the document is inserted (Automatic orientation 0 – 180 degrees)
  • Page processing time ~ 1 sec
  • Different sizes of the document management, up to a tolerance of 10% from the original
  • Document fincatura removal, with the aim of making the data more visible and allowing the software to achieve excellent results, regardless the insertion of a document printed in color or black and white
  • Data control for any manual pre-confirmation correction
  • Business logic to verify the consistency of amounts, tax codes, etc

Artificial intelligence

With the aim of being a concrete support also for Italian citizens and avoiding errors in the payment of taxes, bancor F24Easy engine does not limit itself to read the form fields but, through its artificial intelligence, also carries out cross-checks to ensure the consistency of the amounts reported


bancor technologies can reach a reading accuracy of 99.99%

Operational efficiency

Thanks to bancor F24Easy it is possible to reduce compilation times to few seconds: in fact, about 1 second is enough to read the form, which is automatically recognized by the program, and show the user all the fields valued on the screen

Possibility of manual corrections

The user who does the operation has the possibility to interact with the software, checks the data read and, if necessary, corrects them manually before confirming the payment


It is a solution that can be integrated on:

  • any bancor hardware device for A4 or larger format

  • any compatible hardware presents into the market which meets the minimum requirements

Client and server versions

Clients can choose whether to work on:

  • Client version: locally through its own hardware station
  • Server version: send the scan of the completed F24 form to a server which will return a PDF file containing the processed data