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bancor IDdoc is the ideal solution for optical reading of each kind of ICAO standard identity documents, such as: ID cards, driving licenses, passports, etc

bancor IDdoc allows to process ICAO standard documents, through sophisticated image processing, in particular:

  • it scans the document images in high resolution
  • it automatically and quickly reads all the information contained into the document
  • it records the data in the administrative systems of the customers [1]
  • it verifies the security and authenticity criteria present into the documents
[1] After integration with the application, if implementable
  • Better relationship of trust with customers offering them a safe and cutting-edge service
  • Better Client Experience of customers and visitors thanks to a drastic reduction in waiting times at the access points such as customs, reception, etc.
  • Improved and facilitated operator productivity, avoiding them to manually introduce the data of the identity documents into the Back End systems, witch significant time savings
  • Fast, secure and effective management of data contained into the identity documents
  • Cost reduction of manual activities with low added value and high risk margin
  • Operational costs reduction due to the archiving of documents photocopies
  • Quickly return on investment by reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction
  • And many others…

Financial Institution

To read identity documents at bank branches, both in self-service mode or served by an operator

Public Administration

To read identity documents at any public office (post office, municipalities, etc.)


Who wish to integrate their devices with the ability to automatically read documents

Access Control

At hotel reception, customs, airport document control, etc


Any organization that needs to collect or store the document data of its users or verify their authenticity

  • Automatic recognition of the identity document (if standard ICAO 1, ICAO 2 or ICAO 3)
  • Data reading in just 1 second with 99.99% accuracy
  • Images auto-deskew
  • Images auto-crop
  • Automatical selection of the areas to be read (such as the MRZ area, name, surname, document number, etc)
  • Automatic orientation 0 – 180 degrees
  • Able to read information regardless of the document background color or fonts used
  • Excellent results even with low quality documents



Managed documents

  • Italian electronic identity card (CIE – plasticized model – badge)
  • Italian driving license (plasticized model – badge)
  • New international optically readable identity documents
  • International passports, with optical reading
  • Other ICAO standard documents for more than 100 different countries (Argentina; Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Hungary, etc)

Flexibility and customization

The application is also perfectly modular and upgradeable: at any time, at the customer’s request, it will be possible to develop and add additional types of documents to be recognized, according to their needs

Main features of a dynamic software

  1. It automatically identifies the type of identity document (if standard ICAO 1, ICAO 2 or ICAO 3)
  2. It reads data regardless of the direction in which the document is inserted (Auto Orientation 0 – 180 degrees)
  3. It performs an auto-deskew of the images
  4. It automatically crops the images
  5. It selects automatically the areas to be read (such as the MRZ zone, name, surname, document number, etc).
  6. It is also able to read 1D and 2D barcodes (if present) and RFID with decoding key (if the option is present on the hardware)

Document security controls

In addition to read and store the data necessary for the customers and travelers registration, bancor IDdoc is able to control the security and authenticity criteria of the document itself. Through sophisticated UV and IR controls (if the options are present on the hardware). bancor IDdoc also uses advanced AI logic to cross-check fields read optically with those read with RFID, thus actively contributing to the prevention of the circulation of false documents

Ready for different customer needs

IDdoc is available in versions depending on needs:

  • Front Office / base: automatically reads images and document data
  • Advanced: solution to also show the basic security features of the document to the user
  • Forensic Professional: professional solution for forensic use that allows an in-depth analysis of security controls


bancor technologies can reach a reading accuracy of 99.99%

Operational efficiency

Thanks to bancor IDdoc it is possible to reduce compilation times to few seconds: in fact, about 1 second is enough to read the document, which is automatically recognized by the program

User friendly interface

The user who have to do the operation is equipped with a simple and user friendly interface, which allows him / her to control the data read by the software and, if necessary, correct them manually before confirming the payment


IDdoc is a solution that can be integrated on:

  • any bancor hardware device


  • any compatible hardware presents into the market which meets the minimum requirements

Know-how and flexibility

Thanks to its flexibility and dynamism, bancor is able to develop any Software package based on customer needs: bancor’s wide Know-How is in fact available to listen to customers and develop specific applications for them