Arab Ministry of Interior





Key points

  • Final Client: Ministry of Interior of an important Arab country
  • Implementation of a multi-functional 24 /7 self-service channel to automate the services offered to the citizens
  • Management of various services for the citizen, including the renewal of the driving license, by inserting the expired driving licenses in the kiosk, in particular in the BSC A6, scanning of images (both incoming and outgoing) and delivering of new documents
  • International project


One Ministry of the Interior of an important Arab country had set itself the ambitious desire to provide amulti-functional self-service channel 24 / 7, with the aim of automating, through a functional and state-of-the-art solution, part of the services offered to its citizens.

The solution had to be designed taking into account the need for 24 / 7 operation at various locations around the country, while also focusing on scalability, convenience and intuitive design to achieve wide acceptance by the public.

The project was carried out through several steps: a first release for the automated management of the renewal of the driving license and, in the following phases, all other types of documents.


The kioskdesigned with the support of various bancorpartners is a state-of-the-art technology installation that offers unique self-service capabilities, using secure authentication methods, for instant release and / or renewing of ID cards (contact & contactless smart cards), in particular:

  • it uses advanced security features;
  • it offers full color HDP printing
  • it uses advanced security features such as data encryption, RFID, ICC or magnetic stripe encoding, custom secure holographic HDP films & lamination

The kiosks design can now be found at the most popular mallsof the Arab country involved, Ministry of Interior’s Service Centers and Traffic License Departments.

During few months, this new service has seen such a success with high Customer Satisfaction scores, that the Ministry of Interior proceeded with a scope expansion to also facilitate the annual process of renewing Vehicle Registration Certificates, thus significantly increasing the number of transactions serviced through kiosks.

Products bancor used

Up to


BSC A4 and BSC A6

Bancor support

bancorcollaborated in close synergy with its partners to design a solution that would respond to the needs of the Ministry of the Interior to manage all the identification badges in rigid format released by them.

In particular, bancor provided its know-how, its supportand its productsto be integrated into the kiosks, so that they could manage independently and through a cutting-edge solution:

  • recognition by scanning the image of all documents expired / to be renewed incoming (in rigid format);
  • releasingfor validation by scanning the high resolution image of all new outgoing documents (in rigid format).

Today, also thanks to bancortechnology, the citizens of the Arab country involved can manage various bureaucratic activities independently in a few minutes, taking an important step towards innovation in their country.