New ATM with check management




BSC A620



Key points

  • Partner: world market leader for ATMs
  • Final Customers: main players of the Italian banking market
  • Introduction of a new line of compact and versatile, in terms of functionality, ATMs
  • Management of check cash-in at ATM
  • Service Models optimization
  • Compactness and reliability of the bancor solution


One of the global leaders in the production of ATMs, with the aim of launching a new line of ATMs on the Italian market which:

  • was extremely compact
  • was versatile in terms of functionality (from deposit to withdrawal up to the management of different payment methods)
  • guaranteed the efficiency of the operations managed
  • guaranteed complete accessibility of the device for more effective maintenance of the product

was looking for an extremely small check reader, that could be inserted in the most compact ATMs, and which would guarantee an effective and safe service (according to the most stringent safety regulations of the Ministry of Italian Economics and Finance) of check management.


bancor with the aim of responding to the needs of its partner and the market itself, having all the skills, the necessary technologies and the high R&D know-how, has developed a new line of BSC that responds to these new more stringent needs, arriving to the production of the BSC A620 line.

In this specific case, the BSCs have also been equipped with state-of-the-art OCR software in order to ensure safe management of the check, which meets the requirements of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, by reading the Micro Holes.

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