Bank Self-Service T.A.R.Ms


Self-Service T.A.R.Ms


BSCA4 e A6


Micro Hole





Key points

  • Partner: one of the most important Italian technology integrators of Cash Management
  • Final Customers: main players of the Italian banking market
  • Creation of first self-service channels to be integrated within the branches of Italian banks
  • Management of different payment methods (checks, bulletins, F24 forms) at the self-service T.A.R.Ms
  • Service Models and costs optimization for end customers
  • bancor and its partner have been market Trend Setters
  • Compactness and reliability of the bancor solution


One of the most important technological integrators on the Italian Cash Management market, to respond to the need of the Italian banking market to optimize its Service Models, has designed and introduced into the market, with the collaboration of some “market experts”, the “Self-Service T.A.R.Ms” to provide bank customers with the ability to do all payment transactions even in self-service mode.


Thanks to the skills in the field of checks, payment methods and devices for reading them, bancor collaborated in the design of the “Self-Service T.A.R.Ms”, into which the devices were integrated BSC A4 (to allow the payments through documents up to A4 size, for example the F24 model to pay the italian taxes) and the BSC A6 (to allow the payments through documents up to A6 size, such as the checks).

The bancor devices inserted in the Self-Service T.A.R.Ms have also been equipped with artificial intelligence and, using the latest generation OCR software, have allowed the T.A.R.Ms to automatically read the documents and decode the data they contain.

Today, bancor and its technical partner can claim to have been the first bringing this important evolution to the banking market, which has been able to:

  • record a great improvement in its Customer Satisfaction, offering new and more advanced (digitized) services;
  • contain its operating costs, managing in a more effective and efficient way different operations that were previously managed manually